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19 Low-Carb Veggies That Will Fill You Up

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Sticking to a low-carb lifestyle doesn’t have to be bland or leave you feeling hungry. Plenty of tasty and healthy low-carb veggies can keep you satisfied and help you reach your dietary goals.

Whether you’re on a particular diet or just trying to cut back on carbs, adding these 19 low-carb veggies to your meals can make a big difference. Don’t forget to check out the recipe links, too!


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Broccoli is a smart choice for those watching their carbs. Not only is it low in carbs, but it’s also packed with fiber. This fiber is great because it helps you feel full for longer, making your meals more satisfying.

What’s cool about broccoli is that you can cook it differently. You can steam it for a simple side, roast it for richer flavors, or stir-fry it for a quick and tasty option. So, broccoli is good for you and super versatile in the kitchen, making it a great addition to many different meals. Check out this yummy recipe for the picture above.


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Cauliflower is like a superhero among veggies because it has low carbs. But what’s cool is that it can do more than that—it can step in as a substitute for rice or mashed potatoes in your meals. So, if you’re watching your carb intake, cauliflower can still give you that rice or mashed potato feel without all the carbs.

Cauliflower is also loaded with good stuff, like vitamins and minerals. Think vitamin C, D, and B vitamins and minerals like potassium and manganese. So, when you choose cauliflower, you’re not just going low-carb. You’re also boosting your nutrient intake, making it a smart and healthy choice for your meals. Check out this yummy recipe.


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Spinach is like a nutrient powerhouse, full of good stuff like iron and magnesium. These minerals are essential for things like carrying oxygen in your blood and keeping your muscles and nerves working well.

The cool thing is that spinach is also low in carbs, making it a smart choice for your meals. You can easily make your meals healthier by tossing spinach into salads or sautéing it as a tasty side dish. So, when you enjoy spinach, you’re not just getting a low-carb option—you’re also giving your body a boost of essential nutrients for overall health. Check out this great recipe for creamed spinach.


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Zucchini is fantastic because it doesn’t have a strong taste and is low in carbs. That makes it perfect for trying out cool things in the kitchen. You can turn it into noodle-like strands, known as “zoodles,” as a healthier, low-carb swap for regular pasta.

Plus, zucchini is great for adding to stir-fries when you chop it up. So, whether you’re into noodle experiments or want to jazz up your stir-fry, zucchini is a handy and tasty choice that keeps the carbs down. Check out this recipe here. 


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Asparagus is more than just a yummy veggie – it’s good for you too! It’s low in carbs and loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. These antioxidants help your body stay healthy, and the vitamins, like vitamins E and A, are great for your skin, blood, immune system, and eyes.

When you cook asparagus by grilling or roasting it, it brings out its delicious flavors and gives it a crispy texture. So, not only does it taste fantastic as a side dish, but it also adds something special to your meal. When you dig into grilled or roasted asparagus, you’re not just enjoying a tasty treat but also giving your body a boost of essential nutrients. Get the recipe for this delicious asparagus soup here. 

Bell Peppers

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Bell peppers are fantastic because they come in different colors and don’t have many carbs. They also add a nice crunch and sweet taste to salads. You can also stuff them with many tasty things, like lean proteins and veggies, turning them into a filling and delicious meal.

So, whether you’re tossing them in a salad or making a stuffed dish, bell peppers bring color, flavor, and a low-carb option to your table. Here’s a fun recipe for stuffed mini peppers.


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Cabbage is excellent because it’s low in carbs, and you can use it in different meals without spending too much. You can enjoy it raw in coleslaw for a crunchy, refreshing side dish or cook it in stir-fries to soak up delicious flavors and add a hearty texture.

Whether you want a low-carb option or need to stick to a budget, cabbage is a versatile and affordable choice that makes your meals tasty and filling. Who’s up for cabbage steaks? Get the recipe here. 


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Cucumbers are fantastic because they’re hydrating and low in carbs, making them perfect for salads or a cool snack. Since they’re mostly water, they add a refreshing crunch to salads and keep you feeling satisfied.

And if you’re looking for a low-carb snack, cucumbers are a great choice. You can dip them in your favorite sauce or munch on them alone for a tasty and hydrating treat that’s good for your health. Get this cucumber salmon roll-up recipe here. 



Kale is like a superhero veggie—it’s packed with good stuff and doesn’t have many carbs. You can use it as a base for salads, adding a rich and earthy flavor that goes well with all kinds of toppings and dressings.

Another cool thing you can do with kale is bake it into crunchy chips. This gives it a satisfying texture and makes for a tasty, low-carb snack. So, whether you’re tossing it in salads or munching on kale chips, you’re giving your body a boost of nutrients in a delicious way.

Brussels Sprouts

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Brussels sprouts are like little nutrient powerhouses – they don’t have many carbs, but they’re full of fiber and essential vitamins like C and K, which help with your immune system and bone health. When you cook Brussels sprouts by roasting them, it brings out their natural sweetness and makes them all crispy on the outside.

So, not only are you getting a low-carb option, but you’re also turning these veggies into a tasty and nutritious treat that might even win over Brussels sprout skeptics. Your whole family will die for this Brussels sprouts recipe.

Green Beans

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Green beans are fantastic because they’re low in carbs and add a satisfying crunch to your meals. You can use them in many dishes because they have a versatile texture that makes everything taste better.

For a simple and tasty side dish, try steaming or sautéing green beans. Steaming keeps them colorful and crispy while sautéing with your favorite herbs or spices adds a flavorful kick. It’s an easy way to enjoy green beans’ natural goodness and make them a delicious addition to your main courses. Whether you like them steamed for a classic touch or sautéed for extra flavor, green beans are a simple and tasty way to bring a low-carb veggie to your meals. Get this delicious recipe here. 



Eggplant is pretty awesome because it’s a versatile veggie that doesn’t have many carbs. You can cook it in different ways—grill, bake, or roast it—and it ends up with this meaty texture that adds a lot to your meals.

It’s like an excellent meat substitute, making your vegetarian or low-carb dishes really satisfying and tasty. So, whether you’re looking to add some substance to your meals or trying out meat alternatives, eggplant is a terrific choice that brings both flavor and texture to your plate.


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Mushrooms are fantastic because they’re low in carbs and have this rich, savory flavor called umami that makes your food taste really good. You can add them to salads, omelets, or stir-fries to make your meals more delicious and satisfying.

Mushrooms bring a unique earthy taste to all kinds of dishes. You can also stuff them with bacon and cheese or eat them alone as a snack. They’re versatile and tasty additions to many different dishes. Get the recipe here for garlic mushrooms.


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Radishes are really cool because they’re crunchy and low in carbs, making them a great alternative to root veggies. You can slice them up and toss them in salads for some peppery flavor and a satisfying crunch.

If you’re looking for a crispy snack, radishes are perfect on their own. You can also roast them just like potatoes without loading you up on carbs, making them a tasty and wholesome choice for adding something refreshing and unique to your meals. Here’s a great recipe for roasted radishes. 


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Tomatoes are great because they taste fresh and add a sweet and tangy flavor to your meals. And here’s the cool part – they’re low in carbs when you eat them in moderation. Apart from making your dishes more delicious, tomatoes are packed with vitamins A and C and antioxidants that are good for you.

So, by including tomatoes in your meals in reasonable amounts, you’re not only keeping it low-carb but also making your food tastier and more nutritious, especially in salads and various dishes. Get the recipe for this delicious tomato soup pictured above. 



Celery is fantastic because it’s not just crunchy but also refreshes you. It’s low in carbs, making it a great snack, especially when you need something satisfying.

With its high water content, celery is perfect for staying hydrated, especially on hot days. You can enjoy it by itself or with your favorite dips – either way, it’s a guilt-free and refreshing choice for a tasty snack that also keeps you hydrated.



Artichokes are not just tasty. They’re also good for you. They’re low in carbs and high in fiber, which is great for your digestion and helps you feel full. You can make them even more delicious by grilling or steaming them. Grilling gives them a smoky flavor, and steaming keeps them tender.

Either way, they turn into a yummy side dish that goes well with many main courses. So, when you add artichokes to your meals, you’re not just getting a low-carb option. You’re also getting a tasty and healthy boost with lots of fiber.



Turnips are a terrific alternative to potatoes—they’re a root veggie that you can roast or mash. Roasting makes them all sweet and caramelized while mashing turns them into a creamy side dish. And the best part? They’re low in carbs.

So, if you’re looking to cut down on carbs or just want to try something different, turnips are a tasty and nutritious option. They even come with their own set of good stuff like fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. Whether you’re swapping them for potatoes or trying out a new flavor, turnips are a great addition to your low-carb meals.

Spaghetti Squash

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Spaghetti squash is like nature’s version of pasta—it turns into noodle-like strands when cooked. This is it if you’re looking for a lighter and lower-carb option for your spaghetti dishes. You can pair it with your favorite sauce, toss it with olive oil and herbs, or use it in casseroles.

Spaghetti squash has a mild sweetness and nice texture, making your meals tasty and satisfying. And the best part? It’s not just low in carbs. It also gives you essential vitamins like A and C, making it a healthy and flavorful choice for your low-carb meals. Check out this amazing recipe with garlic shrimp in spaghetti squash.


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Adding these 19 low-carb veggies to your meals isn’t just good for your diet. It also brings a mix of tasty flavors and textures.

Try out different ways of cooking and combining them to keep your meals interesting and satisfying. Keep in mind that living a well-rounded, low-carb lifestyle can be delicious and fulfilling.

Mixed Green Salad With Warm Goat Cheese Croutons

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Need a healthy side dish? Look no further than this lovely mixed greens salad with yummy warm goat cheese croutons. 

Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Mini Peppers

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Your whole family will love these mini stuffed peppers. Better make lots! They’ll go quickly. 

Blackened Broccoli

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This simple yet delicious keto side dish comes together quickly so it is perfect for mid-week meals.  It pairs perfectly with my Sous Vide Strip Steak recipe along with pan-seared chicken breasts or bone-in pork chops. 

Creamy Mashed Cauliflower

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This is the absolute best mashed cauliflower recipe ever, and it pairs perfectly with any meat dish. You won’t even miss potatoes! I promise. 

Apple Butternut Squash Casserole With Bacon Pecan Topping

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I’m not drooling, you’re drooling. You will make this time and time again. So many flavors. Yum!

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