90 Day Keto Challenge: How I am Preparing to Lose 30lbs on the Keto Diet

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90 days weight loss keto diet

So I am embarking on a 90 day keto challenge beginning on January 2 and I know I will need mental bolstering for this cycle of being on keto.

I’ve always done lazy keto, allowing cheats here and drinks there but this time I am determined to complete a full 90 days on keto and so I’m doing a few things to mentally prepare for the challenge, along with being ready with meal prep etc.

New to the keto diet? Start here! This will help you to figure out how to stick to this diet and make it a lifestyle for you.

I know it will get difficult to stick to the diet because I live and socialise with those who love to drink socially and my social life has become populated by various bars.

That’s one of the things I’m looking forward to changing with this round of keto so I am actually quite excited to challenge myself, push ahead and shake off bad habits along with excess weight and ill-health.

Want to know what I’m doing to prepare for my 90-day keto challenge? Here are some of the things I’m doing with only a day and a half left til kick-off.

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Preparing for my 90-Day Keto Challenge

So the first thing I did was to enjoy all the foods. I must be trying to put back on all the weight I lost in the summer of 2018 because I certainly went HAM this Christmas. (pun intended?)

I must admit that I’ve not actually gained much weight and I’m so happy about that!

I’ve read horror stories in keto Facebook groups of people going on vacation and coming back 5, 10, even 15lbs heavier after being off keto for just a few weeks!

I have only gained 2 or 3 pounds and I am ecstatic about this.

I think one of the things that benefited me in this regard is that I still eat healthy foods as much as possible. I have my veggies and still make keto bread instead of indulging in white bread, pasta and rice. I’m sure this helps.

I must say though that I’ve had my share of ice-cream, Christmas cookies and cake, mac and cheese that I made for Christmas day and oh the drinks.

But like my mantra goes, balance is key and I’ve kept it healthy inbetween.

Update: I ended up gaining a whopping 8lbs when the holiday season finally wrapped. The last two weeks of December were… a lot.

I Bought Keto Test Strips

I want to know this round when I’m in ketosis and when I’m not. I purchased these keto test strips from Amazon because they have very high reviews and only cost $7 for 150 strips which should last me my full round of keto.

Testing every day will help me to identify what meals help me to stay in ketosis so I can burn more fat and to know what foods knock me out of ketosis so that I at least can be informed when deciding what to eat depending on my goals.

I’m excited to get these and start using them. The strips come with an eBook that hopefully will be very informative as well, to support my keto journey.

How to lose 30lbs in 90 days on the 90 day keto challenge

I Worked Out My Keto Macros

Another thing I finally did was try to work out how much fat, protein and carbs I should be eating each day to lose weight optimally.

I am not a huge fan of counting macros, I think losing weight can be done intuitively by following how you feel instead of obsessing over numbers.

However I wanted to at least have a loose guide for this keto round so I could get into and stay in ketosis instead of simply being on a low carb diet. I Googled keto calculators and these were the results from two of them.

For my age and numbers I should be eating at the most, 1450 calories per day. Yeah I’m not sure how well I will be sticking to this but I appreciate the breakdown of macros that I will eye loosely while on the diet.

The attractiveness of the keto diet for me is that I can eat most of the foods I love and I can eat til I’m full. This isn’t going to work if I feel hungry throughout the day so I will try to stick to these guidelines for the first week or so, adjusting if needs be.

Keto Apps to Track Macros

Of course, once I know what my macros looked like, I needed to keep track of them. I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app and the CarbManager app to help me to stay on track.

I really love the CarbManager app and may spring for the pro version. It has lots of keto foods and recipes already built into the app and I love that I can import recipes I find on the web and it works out the nutrition information for me.

I went grocery shopping

Can’t start a new diet without the approved foods! I worked out a meal plan for my first week and went shopping based on what I would be eating.

I’ve made the meal plan available for free along with some recipes for the meals in it. You can enter your details below and I will email it to you.

I am lucky enough to work from home where I have the time to cook every day. If you work outside the home or have little running around though, preparation will be key.

I do suggest cooking at least 2 – 3 meats, making a keto loaf and prepping some salad items so that it’s easy to grab on those nights when cooking just isn’t going to happen. If there’s nothing quick to reach for, it will be a little too tempting to just get something from the drive-through.

I surrounded myself with motivation

If I am totally honest with you, I’ve never completed any kind of 90-day challenge. I’ve tried to do 30 day challenges and even those I’ve skipped a day or two. It’s a daunting task to challenge myself to stick to the keto diet for 90 days.

With that said, I made sure I started a whole new keto Instagram account and followed a few hashtags and accounts to keep me inspired and accountable. I will also be posting my own meals and progress there as I go along so please follow me if you’re on IG at @onandoffketo.

I’m ready and excited for my 90 day keto challenge

Ok, when I started writing this post I was at 190lbs, only 5lbs over my lowest weight of 2018 which was 185.

Now, I’m at 192.8lbs which is a little startling but I am ready! I know what this excess weight will be the first to go and I’m so pumped to see where this journey takes me. Will this be the year that I finally break into my goal weight of below 150lbs?

The last time I was anywhere near 140anything was either back in high school or college but that is my aim for the year and I will be using the keto diet to get me there. Come along for the ride!

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