Gifts for Keto Lovers: 15 Keto Presents Your Low Carb Friends Will Love

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Everybody loves gifts. Tis the season and I’m a die-hard keto lover so I’ve compiled this list of gifts for keto lovers that will win you brownie points if you wrap any of these up and slap my name on it.

gifts for keto lovers

When you’re on the keto diet everybody knows. You tend to sing the praises of this diet with anyone who will listen because of how good you feel, how much weight you’ve lost and how better you look now. You’ll probably become known as the keto guy or girl and people will start to gift you keto things to poke fun or keto gifts that you’ll actually really appreciate.

Whichever way, I know I’ll appreciate any item on this list, so much so that I’ve gone ahead and added them to my Amazon wish list here, just in case you’re feeling generous and wanna get yah girl a lil sumn sumn. Anyhoo, let’s get into these Keto Christmas gifts.

New to the keto diet? Start here! This will help you to figure out how to stick to this diet and make it a lifestyle for you.

Kitchen Gifts for Keto Lovers

Now, buying someone a kitchen appliance is tricky. Some women trip up about you buying them something to cook with instead of something like jewelry, a fancy dress or spa package. So you gotta know your woman!

However, if you’re a keto lover and you love to cook, there are some things you’ll get excited over to make more keto recipes easier. Like for instance, right now I really want a waffle maker to make keto waffles and chaffles and I wouldn’t be mad if I got this as a gift.

I’m also really in need of an air fry too since they’re all the rage right now. People are using them to make everything from chicken wings and tenders to pork chops and cheese crisps to whole chickens and cakes. Cakes! Need. This one is really popular on Amazon.

Finally, I must be the only one that hasn’t jumped on the Instant Pot trend yet but I need one. I keep seeing so many recipes featuring an Instant Pot on Pinterest that I want to try not to mention that pot roast is one of my favorite dishes!

If your keto lover already has an Instant Pot, I’ll bet they’ll love this amazing set of accessories for it! It’s one of those things you probably wouldn’t splurge on yourself but would be so pleased if someone else got it for you.

A self-stirring coffee cup can be a great gift for your bulletproof coffee-loving keto friend. Bulletproof coffee needs to be stirred constantly so that the fat doesn’t rise to the top so this would be an amazing little gift for a keto lover. Get a cat one if they love cats too!

How about a snack box? Everybody loves snacks and keto snacks can be pricey. Gifting a box of snacks to a keto bestie sounds like a great idea to me! This one even comes with lots of keto chocolate. The way to my heart.

Here are some good keto stocking stuffers for your low carb friends. A t-shirt, a mug and a cookbook to bring a smile to their faces. These are cute and will show that you support them on their journey. Click on the pictures to check them out.

I’m a cookbook junkie and love to dive in to find recipes to shake up my usual routine every now and then. You never know when you’ll find a new fave to add to the regular rotation.

If your keto fam is a journal lover, they might love this little planner.

I think this one is a better option though. Check it out.

If your keto friend loves a good cocktail, then help them stock their bar with these keto cocktail mixers. Fancy keto alcoholic cocktail drinks can be hard to come by in bars and are better enjoyed at home.

If you’re lost and not sure how to get started with the keto diet, this meal plan is for you. It’s a fool-proof guide to winning at the high-fat, low-carb lifestyle.

Ok, one more kitchen item. According to Amazon, I’ve had this nifty spiralizer for over three years now and it’s still ticking along! Can’t have zoodles without a spiralizer and Shrimp Alfredo Zoodles happens to be one of my signature keto dishes.

Looking for a more complete guide to start or stick to the keto diet? My Ketogenic Diet 101 eBook is a complete, all-in-one resource for the ketogenic diet. This book includes all the need-to-know info about the keto diet, how it affects lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure plus over 45 recipes, checklists, and grocery lists to get you started. Want the 5-day meal plan for free? Get it below when you enter your details.

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