Going Ketovore: 28 Day Keto Challenge

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When I started this blog in January 2019, I had great success with a 90-day keto challenge so now I’m taking that up a notch and going ketovore! Join me on this 28-day keto challenge, will yah?

What is Ketovore?

Ketovore is a mix between the keto diet and the carnivore way of eating. You can do this in a number of ways, the more popular one I’ve been seeing is incorporating carnivore for a few days and keto for the rest. I will be doing the carnivore diet during the week and going back to keto on the weekends.

This allows me to have veggies, keto treats and sweets, heavy cream in my coffee and so on.

New to the keto diet? Start here! This will help you to figure out how to stick to this diet and make it a lifestyle for you.

What is the Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore diet is very simple, it allows meat, seafood, eggs, full-fat cheese, and butter. That’s it. That’s the diet. You’re aiming for zero carbs when on the carnivore diet.

There are a few pros and cons of the carnivore diet that I find that make it very appealing.

For starters, the grocery shopping is straight to the point with no fluff and no figuring out what to eat today. Your meal plan is the simplest it will ever be. Meat with a side of meat. Some eggs and bacon when you feel like switching it up.

Going Ketovore: 28 Day Keto Challenge

I’ve been experimenting with this and love the simplicity of it. I love a good slab of meat so really have been having no problems eating a fat juicy steak with a side of cheesy scrambled eggs for dinner.

Pair this with intermittent fasting and it’s a really easy way to eat yummy foods while supporting your healthy weight loss journey. Is it too much protein? Well, you decide.

Is it restrictive? Yes. You might find this to be boring unless you really love meat and eggs like I do. I only find it restrictive when I feel for chocolate. That’s why I am allowing myself to eat keto on the weekends so that I can make my keto chocolate mug cakes or frozen chocolate treat.

keto diet meal plan

The 28 Day Keto Challenge: Ketovore Edition

For 4 full weeks, I’m going to try this way of eating and then deciding on the best path forward.

The number one reason I encourage you to give this challenge a chance?

You need to always switch up your diet to keep your body guessing. If you’ve been experiencing a keto stall, this may be the perfect way to get the scale moving again.

Sample Ketovore Menu

If you need ketovore-inspired recipes, you’ll want to grab my Keto Meal Plan bundle but here’s a sample menu plan for 7 days:

Sunday: Keto waffles at noon with cream cheese filling or maybe a chaffle pizza. Dinner: Stovetop cast iron steak with broccoli or bacon Brussel sprouts

Monday: Eggs and bacon at noon. Dinner: Steak in Butter Sauce

Tuesday: Egg Omelette. Dinner: Salmon cooked in butter.

Wednesday: Eggs and Bacon. Dinner: Roast Beef

Thursday: Eggs and Pork Sausages. Pork Burger Patty topped with cheese

Friday: Eggs. Beef Stew

Saturday: Coconut Flour Pancakes with eggs. Dinner: Large Salad with all the fixings. Keto Chocolate Mug Cake for dessert.

How simple is that? And delicious too! I hope you’ll try out this ketovore menu plan with me!

Ketovore Diet Plan: What You’ll Need

I do recommend tracking everything during this challenge to see what’s working for you. You can simply write this down in a notebook but for ease I’ve offered a keto diet journal with all the prompts you’ll need to keep track of. It includes spaces for you to track your macros, your water intake, your measurements before, during and after, your fasting schedule and so much more. You can download the PDF version to print out the pages you need or purchase a physical copy on Amazon. (coming soon)

If Ketovore is too hardcore for you and you’d like to try my regular 28-day keto and intermittent fasting challenge to kickstart your keto journey, you can find that here. It’s a great meal plan to take the guesswork out of keto with recipes and a shopping list to support your new diet.

Follow me on Instagram to see my daily meals, check-in for daily support and ask any questions you have. Read next: Try my lupin flour bread recipe!

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