Keto is a tool.

I stumbled on the keto diet a few years ago and I’m so happy I did! I lost over 30 pounds on a 90-day keto cycle but then fell off the wagon. But I kept the weight off! So I knew I could do 30-day stints of the diet whenever I felt bloated and knew I overdid it. Want help getting started? Download a free 5-day plan I put together with recipes I love!

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The Best Keto Waffles EVER!

I didn’t know I loved waffles so much until I found this diet. Now I am the keto waffle and chaffle queen! Click the button below to see all my favorite keto chaffles in one spot! I’m talking:

  1. Pizza chaffles
  2. Peanut butter chaffles
  3. This delicious cream cheese and blueberry chaffle
  4. Red velvet chaffle and more!

The latest from the blog…

Vanilla Ice Cream Soda
Keto Recipes

Vanilla Ice Cream Soda

Perfect for a hot summer day Vanilla Ice Cream Soda will be a treat for both adults and children alike. This quick and easy recipe topped with your favorite garnish serves as a sweet treat for you and the whole family and takes less than 20 minutes to prepare. Vanilla Ice Cream Soda Chocolate Syrup…

Keto Waffles
Keto Recipes

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

Who doesn’t love an ice cream sandwich? Well, now you can make your own at home. This quick and easy Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich recipe is a perfect opportunity for creating in the kitchen with your kids. This allows you the freedom to experiment with flavors and create a semi-homemade delicious treat. Waffle Ice Cream…

Why I Keto Cycle

When I first fell off the wagon, I realized that I was maintaining my weight loss easily. Usually, I am on this weight rollercoaster but not with keto. I learned new eating habits and intermittent fasting was now a constant. That made me ecstatic. Now, I do keto cycles whenever I feel sluggish and bloated and know it’s time to get back on a healthy path. You don’t have to be on keto forever to lose weight and maintain it. At least, I don’t. Here’s what I do when it’s time to reset.

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