Are you asking yourself, “How do I get started on the keto diet?” Great! Grab yourself this free keto meal plan and get started this week!

The keto diet is a great way to lose weight and maintain low blood sugar, as well as a good health profile overall while being a delicious diet that I believe is pretty easy to keep up.

Whether you’re hoping this will be a lifestyle change for you or looking for a way to lose a few pounds and ease into a healthier lifestyle, the ketogenic diet is the diet that has worked for me after a lifetime of fad diets and weight loss rollercoasters.

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Keto Diet Plan

I call myself a keto cycler, which means I cycle on and off keto for weeks or months at a time. My longest run so far has been just about three months, but there were lots of cheats in-between. I find that for me sticking to keto for 4 weeks at a time with a small break between challenges is the easiest way to stick to this low-carb diet. Looking at it as a 4-week challenge instead of a long-haul stretch tricks my mind into going for longer spurts as my 4 weeks end, I see my results, and I’m motivated to keep going.

Perhaps this can work for you too. It’s a great way to give keto a try if you’re new to this way of eating or just curious to see if it can work for you. Four weeks is enough to see some results and analyze if this is a long-term lifestyle change worth making. Even if you’ve been on keto for a while, if you find yourself getting bored or cheating way too often, you may want to try this challenge-based lifestyle. Looking at it as just a 4-week goal may just be the motivation you need to keep going and will help you to limit your cheat days to once per month instead of once per week or more.

Free Keto Meal Plan

Getting started on keto can certainly be confusing. Grab this 5-day keto meal plan here to help you get started.

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