My Keto Weight Loss First Week Results Are In!

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Like many many others, I got back into keto fully at the start of the new year and I’ve now completed my first week of the keto diet. I’ve surprised myself by just how much weight I’ve lost thus far! Cozy on up and let’s chat about my keto weight loss first week results.

I started back on the keto diet on January 2 at 192.8lbs. This was a weight gain of 8lbs over my lowest weight when I tried keto for the first time. It was expected, I went from my birthday celebrations in November straight to the gluttony that is Christmas and the holidays.

New to the keto diet? Start here! This will help you to figure out how to stick to this diet and make it a lifestyle for you.

I had fun during the period but I was super excited to get back to losing weight, having better energy and not feeling so bloated. Here’s my weigh-in on January 2.

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I didn’t do a grocery run to start since I still had a lot of cheese and butter leftover from Christmas cooking so I decided to just wing it for my first week using up what I had on hand. Here’s what my meals looked like for my first week on keto.

Keto Diet First Day

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I started each day with black coffee or sugar-free tea to suppress my appetite til noon.

I am incorporating intermittent fasting into my keto diet and figured the coffee would help with first day cravings.

At lunchtime, I had a cheese and sausage omelet for lunch with a keto mug bread made with coconut flour and toasted with butter. This is a common first meal for me on the keto diet because I LOVE egg omelets especially when I have bacon and jalapeno peppers on hand.

Finally, I had a very simple tuna salad for dinner. It was romaine lettuce, one can of tuna mixed with mayonnaise, country peppers and some thousand island dressing. This was so simple and delicious that I will definitely be adding this to my rotation.

Keto bread aka egg loaf made with coconut flour. See more of my keto first week weight loss results
Keto Egg Loaf

Finally I made a keto egg loaf that evening and had two slices with peanut butter.

I made sure to drink lots of water and take my magnesium supplement to try and stave off the keto flu. Though I was focused on getting amazing keto weight loss first week results, I also wanted to make sure I was full and not feeling deprived because that’s not what this diet is about.

Eat the right foods til you’re full and not hungry and miserable and you’ve found a healthy, sustainable way of eating.

Keto Diet Menu Day 2-7

Here’s the rest of the menu for the week. This can help you to see what a week of eating keto is like. Useful for motivation if you’re thinking of starting the diet and wondering what on earth you’ll eat everyday.

Keto Menu Day 2

Keto egg loaf sandwich with Sausage and cheese. See more of my keto first week weight loss results
Keto Egg Loaf with Sausage and Cheese
  • Meal 1: Tuna Melt in Zucchini Boats, lots of cheese on top
  • Meal 2: Egg loaf and sausage sandwich. I mushed the canned sausages with mayo and peppers and made a sammy with my egg loaf
  • Meal 3: Pan-fried chicken breast fillets with steamed greens (pak choy and cabbage with a tin of mixed veg mixed in. Salt well to get your electrolytes)

Keto Diet Day 3

  • Meal 1: Baked Tuna Melt (So delicious!)
  • Meal 2: Leftover chicken and veggies from the previous dinner
  • Meal 3: keto chocolate mug cake

Keto Diet Day 4

Chicken sandwich made with keto bread. See more of my keto first week weight loss results
Keto bread (egg loaf) chicken sandwich
  • Meal 1: Jalapeno poppers: fill halved jalapenos with cream cheese and wrap with bacon. Bake. TOO delicious.
  • Meal 2: Leftover baked tuna melt with a huge side salad
  • Meal 3: Egg loaf chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes

Keto Diet Day 5

  • Meal 1: Cheese omelet with breakfast sausages and bacon
  • Meal 2: Beef pot roast with cheesy cauliflower mash and side salad topped with feta

Keto Diet Day 6

Baked Keto Tuna Melt with Pan-Roasted Bacon Brussels Sprouts. See more of my keto first week weight loss results
Baked Keto Tuna Melt with Pan-Roasted Bacon Brussels Sprouts

Keto Diet Day 7

Canned Mackerel with Zasta. A budget friendly keto dinner. See more of my keto diet first week weight loss results
Canned Mackerel with Zasta
  • Meal 1: Eggs and sausage (look I seriously love eggs but you can totally switch up your breakfast if you’re by now rolling your eyes at me.
  • Meal 2: Canned mackerel in tomato sauce with sauteed zucchini cut with a mandolin to look like penne pasta
  • Meal 3: I made a mug bread and topped with peanut butter

How I Felt on the First Week of Keto

So I was feeling great, my hunger was suppressed and those horrible hunger pangs known to us on a carb-diet were down and I had more energy again BUT, I caught a mild version of the keto flu this time around.

It’s been a bit nippy here (yes even in Jamaica) and I will admit that I allowed my water intake to slide.

Water consumption is even more important on the keto diet because it’s so easy to get dehydrated. Salt consumption (for the electrolytes are probably even more important than getting your water in (and you definitely need the water).

Even though I was taking a magnesium supplement, it wasn’t enough for that first week when I shed lots of water weight and slimmed down a ton while getting back into ketosis.

Thankfully it was light, I was sneezing, had a scratchy throat and just felt bogged down for a couple of days. I bounced back quickly and absolutely loved the number I was seeing on the scale.

If you’re lost and not sure how to get started with the keto diet, this meal plan is for you. It’s a fool-proof guide to winning at the high-fat, low-carb lifestyle.

Intermittent Fasting While on the Keto Diet

I will do a whole post on the benefits of intermittent fasting for those who are unfamiliar. There are a whole host of benefits to fasting including regulating blood sugar, fighting inflammation and boosting weight loss.

I chose to incorporate a 16:8 intermittent fasting schedule on my diet. This means I fast for 16 hours and eat during that 8 hour window which for me is noon to 8pm.

I have black coffee to start my day which helps me to surpress my morning appetite.

There was one day that I did a 20:4 regimen where I fasted for 20 hours, eating between 4pm-8pm. I’m going to try and incorporate more of those days in my 90-day cycle to help get to my goal weight.

Intermittent fasting isn’t just a keto thing. You can reap the benefits no matter what diet you’re following so do some research and give it a try.

It’s done by lots of keto dieters since the keto diet tends to make hunger pangs much more bearable than before. Fat is so satiating that whenever I do get hungry, it’s not that deathly I MUST EAT NOT OR EVERYONE WILL DIE rage that I feel.

It’s more like oh, getting hungry, should probably eat something soon. I love that about keto. My life isn’t centered around meal times anymore and I Can focus in on what I’m doing for long periods of time if needs be without being interrupted or feeling woozy because of hunger.

My Keto First Week Weight Loss Results

Keto first week weight loss results

Down 8.4lbs in the first week! To say I’m ecstatic is to say the very least. I know that’s more water weight than anything but I’ll take it! When you go back to eating carbs, water weight is the first thing that goes on as you replenish your glycogen stores. I was happy to have lost the weight I put on while being off keto over the holidays.

I should mention that I have not yet included exercise in my routine and live a very sedentary lifestyle. This was on purpose as I wanted to see the effect of just the diet alone in the beginning. I’m planning to hit the gym in my second month of this three-month cycle to keep things tight as I continue to lose weight.

Now that I am at new lows after the first week, I can begin to celebrate dropping pounds that I’ve been carrying around for years.

Want to try keto for 7 days? I’ve put together a 7-day meal plan plus a quick start guide with recipes, grocery list and quick keto facts to get you started. Download for free by entering your details below.

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  1. Reading your story was just like mine, I have put on 8-10 lbs that fluctuate as loosely follow Keto with several days where I was totally off. I am starting again in hopes to loose that weight plus more to give me a safe buffer. I do IF and don’t usually eat till the afternoon. I would love to get your 7-day meal plan and quick start guide with recipes, grocery list and quick keto facts to get you started.

    Very curious if you include alcohol when you are starting out or if you completely avoid.


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