Ketogenic Diet 101


The Ketogenic Diet 101 eBook is your complete guide to losing weight and getting healthy on the keto diet. This Keto Diet Book includes over 90 keto recipes, a comprehensive ketogenic grocery list, foods to avoid while on the keto diet, how to get started, how to eat out while on the diet and everything you need to know about the keto diet.

Finally, a diet that allows all the bacon!

If someone had told me long ago that I could eat eggs, cheese and bacon for breakfast every morning and lose 30lbs in 3 months, I would have been a slim chic my whole life. I have finally found a diet that makes me want to stick with it because the food is delicious, I don’t feel like I’m starving or craving anything, I have ALL. THE. ENERGY and my body finally feels good. No more aches, slugginess, mental fog and disastrous monthly cycles. Let me show you how with my new eBook

Ketogenic Diet 101: The Complete Guide 

Eating healthier, achieving optimal health, slimming down, overcoming chronic illness… These are just a few things that the ketogenic diet can help you to achieve. Your body wants to be healthy. It really does. And if you're like me then you longed to be healthy too. If only to look and feel great in anything you choose to wear. When you do the right things, you get the results you are looking for.

One of the greatest things about a low-carb lifestyle is that studies show it especially reduces belly fat or visceral fat, the most dangerous type of body fat!

My Ketogenic Diet 101: The Complete Guide eBook will help you to easily transition into this lifestyle so that you can achieve your health goals in the fastest time. Here’s what’s inside the keto diet book:

  • 90+ insanely delicious and easy Keto Recipes
  • The science behind the keto diet: I break down the studies that reveal how this diet affects illnesses like obesity, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, blood pressure, hypertension and more
  • My best tips for eating out while keto, because this diet should be easy and fun
  • Quick tips for getting into ketosis quickly – this is how you will lose all that weight in NO TIME
  • How to test for ketosis – especially useful for cheat days, though the diet plan is so delicious these will be few!
  • A complete Keto grocery shopping list and all the foods you’ll want to avoid
  • Everything you need to know to be successful on this diet in bitesize chunks so you can understand how to be successful on the Keto diet for the long-term
  • The top keto mistakes most people make (including me) and how to avoid them
  • What to do when you’ve hit your goal weight to transition out of strict keto but still remain low carb and healthy


There have been more than 20 randomized controlled trials published since 2002 in respected, peer-reviewed journals that show low carb diets to be effective for weight loss, stabilizing blood sugars, for general health and to be completely safe without a single adverse effect, this cannot be said about many other diet plans. AND… Several studies have shown low carb eating to result in more weight loss than with low-fat diets! One of the longest studies published in the journal, Annals of Internal Medicine found that low carb had a significant edge over low-fat diets in improving good HDL cholesterol levels. A 2008 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported

The Ketogenic low carb diet resulted in 12 pounds of weight loss in only 4 weeks in obese men and all the studies’ subjects noted less hunger and more satisfaction on the low carb plan than while eating a low-calorie diet.

This all sounds great but is it for real? YES! I can attest to these benefits plus more in just 3 months!!! THE BEST PART IS THAT KETOGENIC IS NOT A DIET, BUT A LIFESTYLE THAT TAKES THE WEIGHT OFF AND KEEPS IT OFF!

This is my favourite part of this diet. I've completely changed how I eat. I don't feel like I'm depriving myself, I don't get HANGRY anymore, I have energy for days and I make much better choices for my health and wellness now without even thinking about it.

My Ketogenic Diet 101 eBook Will Answer All Your Pertinent Questions:

Will this approach work for anyone? How many carbs should I eat every day? What are the best sources of carbs? What carbs to avoid? How to determine the impact carbs of any food What are healthy fats and which ones you need to eat to support ketosis What are healthy proteins and which ones you need to eat to support ketosis Answers to common low carb frequently asked questions A complete low carb food shopping list How do I induce ketosis, the fat burning process? Plus so much more. You will also learn how to transition out of the diet and into a healthy low carb lifestyle once you've reached your goal weight! Take charge of your life. Cut through the fluff and grab this book today! 


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