11 Lupin Flour Recipes That Are Divine!

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Lupin flour has made it into my weekly rotation as a keto staple. I get nervous when my keto pantry runs out of this incredible almost zero-carb flour because I use it in just about everything now!

Here are some of my favorite lupin flour recipes that I have made on this blog. I’ll break it down into sweet and savory so you can find your favorite dessert, pizza crust or side dish. But before we get into that… is lupin keto? Let’s get into what lupin flour is made from.

What is Lupin?

Lupin is a bean that’s more common as a snack food in the Mediterranean. It’s a legume which puts it in the peanut family, so you’ll want to do your research to see if you will be affected by any allergies.

Is Lupin Flour Keto Friendly?

Lupin flour is very keto friendly. This is because there is only one net carb per serving of lupin flour, which is typically 1/4 cup.

There are 12 grams of total carbs in 1/4 cup of lupin flour, but much of this is fiber, 11 grams to be exact. Therefore 11 g of those total carbs will not be absorbed by your body.

More amazingly, there’s also 12g of protein in 1/4 cup of lupin flour making it ideal for those of us struggling to meet our protein macros daily.

Lupin flour is gaining popularity in the Western world because of this high fiber, high protein composition, making it an excellent choice for low-carbers or gluten-free dieters to bake with.

What’s the best lupin flour brand?

Having gone through bags and bags of this stuff to make all the things, I can confidently say that the best brand of lupin flour on the market right now is the Lupina Lupin Flour. In my humble opinion that is.

Some others have a slight bitter taste that should be fine if you intend to mix the flour with almond flour or coconut flour. This is a good idea to cut the carbs of these other flours and increase the protein. But if you’re using straight lupin like I do sometimes, go for the Lupina.

I was happy to see that Anthony’s has started selling lupin flour. That brand is known for offering quality ingredients at a good price point. I will try a bag from them to see if I detect any bitterness.

Sweet Lupin Flour Recipes

lupin flour wafflesPin

Perhaps my favorite way to use lupin flour in a recipe is to make waffles. Lupin flour waffles are just amazing! Non-keto people will love these waffles too. They’re in the middle of the softness spectrum, where almond flour waffles are a little dense and coconut flour waffles are soft and break apart easily.

I’ve fallen in love with lupin flour waffles so much that I have my own premade keto waffle and pancake mix so I can whip up a batch at my convenience. If you prefer a crispier batter, try making your waffles without any sweetener. I’ve heard that the sweetener can soften the finished product but I haven’t tried this hack yet.

The slight sweetness of the Lupina lupin flour, plus the cinnamon and the keto maple-flavored syrup will add enough sweetness when you’re ready to dig in. Try lupin flours in these chocolate waffles for a delightful low carb treat!

Lupin Flour Pancakes

lupin flour pancakesPin

These pancakes are made from the same make-ahead pancake mix I mentioned above. I have them here slathered in keto chocolate syrup. Simply divine!

Lupin Flour Brownies

lupin flour browniesPin

Who doesn’t love a delicious fudgy, extra-chocolatey brownie that’s sugar-free, grain-free, gluten-free and guilt-free? These brownies were such a hit, I made them twice in once week. You must try these lupin flour brownies.

Lupin Flour Bread

lupin flour bread slicesPin

If you omit the sweetener in this lupin flour bread recipe then it counts as a savory recipe instead. But I added some sweetness to this recipe for the perfect light snack that was amazing slathered in butter along with my morning coffee.

Savory Lupin flour Recipes

Keto Shrimp and GritsPin

This is ground lupin beans which is an amazing side dish. I used it here for my Shrimp and Grits recipe. I love that this side dish can be prepared in the microwave in just 3 minutes and made into a bunch of different things. Stick around for my recipe using it as keto oatmeal!

Ground Lupin Grits

ground lupin gritsPin

Here’s another time I made the more creamy, cheesy version of the grits recipe using the same ground lupin. This dish was rich and divine.

Lupin Flour Pizza Crust

lupin flour pizzaPin
lupin flour pizza crustPin

I’ve also used lupin flour to make several types of pizza dough successfully. I will add those recipes here when I’ve finally uploaded them.

Here’s the first lupin flour pizza crust to try!

Next on my list, lupin crackers! I’ve made this before and it was so good but it got stuck to my wax paper. I’ll try again using my silpat and report back!

What lupin flour recipe are you excited to try? And if you have one I should try, please share! I love discovering new ways to use lupin flour.

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